Mix faster, better quality mobile concrete mixers

One machine saves the workload of 3-4 people

Stop wasting time hiring a lot of manual work and pocket more profits

save your work

Improve efficiency, increase work efficiency by 3 times a day

Start the machine for perfect concrete

Just turn the concrete mixing bucket and get the best quality concrete so you can get more customers

2、Diesel mixer fuel filling

Fuel filling pipe and taper hole are provided randomly, which is more convenient for filling

1、Diesel Powered Concrete Mixer

The diesel mixer equipment starts quickly and can quickly reach full power: the shutdown process of the diesel engine is also very short, and it can be started and stopped frequently. There is also a diesel mixer with low cooling water consumption

3、How to start diesel concrete mixer

The machine can be easily started by pulling the handle several times

Versatile usage scenarios

One machine with multiple functions, making more money for you

School Building

Bridge Engineering

Road construction

village building

School Building

Technical Parameters

Country Of Manufacture


Concrete Mixing Tank Volume


Volume Of Final Mixture


Mixing Time




Traffic Possibility


Roller position lock


Warranty Date

36 Months







Total Weight


frequently asked questions

Why choose hengyoumixer instead of hand mixer or drum mixer?

A series of small mobile concrete mixers developed by hengyoumixer can produce perfect concrete with just a few simple steps.Unlike mixing by hand, which can result in a "soupy" or "too dry" mix...  Or back pain from manually mixing large amounts of concrete.

hengyoumixer provides a shortcut to all this.So you can enjoy flawless concrete, happier customers and higher revenue.

How to use hengyoumixer?

According to the power version you choose to use

1. Start the machine and keep the mixing barrel in a rotating state

2. Add your mix

3. Concrete is used for inclined discharge

Best users of hengyoumixer

hengyoumixer is suitable for different groups of people to work smarter, it can be self-built houses, personal small project contractors, or concrete mixer dealers

What if my hengyoumixer is broken?

The mechanical products we produce can be guaranteed to be used for a long time under normal working conditions,

If your machine is damaged or has problems, please call (+86 156-3857-7127) or email (hengyou@hengyoucn.com) to contact our customer after-sales personnel, and we can restore it to working condition.

How soon can I receive this machine?

According to the geographical location of your country and the delivery method communicated when purchasing, we can guarantee that the spot goods will be delivered within 3 days, and the customized version will be delivered according to the negotiated time. Due to force majeure during the transportation, the duration cannot be guaranteed, but we will try our best to make it as fast as possible. you received the machine

Is there any reason I shouldn't buy this?

If you are a contractor:

(1) If your local labor and time costs are low, you don't need to consider this machine.

(2) If the mixing efficiency of your manual or other mixing equipment exceeds this machine, it can be ignored.

(3) You can accept less pay and don't care about other contractors in the area making more profits.

If you are a dealer:

(1) Your local product of the same model sells at a lower price than this machine.

(2) The quality of similar products in your local area is better than this one.

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